About us

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variation of all life on earth, from genes and species to communities and ecosystems. Biodiversity can be studied from the local to global scale and across the many levels of organization (genes to ecosystems). 

Why is Biodiversity Important?

In all systems, aquatic to terrestrial and managed to natural, biodiversity maintains life on our planet and underpins the ecosystem services vital to human well-being, including food, carbon storage, climate regulation and aesthetics and cultural support. However human activities threaten this biodiversity and species extinction continues to increase.

The Global Biodiversity Center at Colorado State University

The goal of the Global Biodiversity Center is to; (1) link these researchers across campus; (2) provide expertise in biodiversity research to other scientists, policy makers, natural resource managers, and conservation practitioners at the state, national, and international levels; and (3) work towards the enhancement of biodiversity through research, policy advancement, and outreach.

The Global Biodiversity Center is built on three pillars: