Managing the Planet Panel Series: Putting a Price Tag on Nature: The Economics of Ecosystems

February 26, 2014 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Our natural world provides services that form the cornerstone of our everyday lives. Ecosystems control wind, purify water, produce air, store carbon, and enrich the soil where we grow food and much, much more. So what is the price tag on these natural services that happen 'for free'? This panel of experts will deconstruct the value of nature, as well as explain the why and how, we place monetary value on the benefits of those systems. The meaning of 'ecosystem services' will be discussed and why we must pay attention to them. In addition, learn about the value and the opportunities that lie ahead in ‘ecosystem markets’.

Featuring panelists:

  • Andrew Seidl, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, CSU
  • Thomas Dean, Department of Management, CSU
  • Joshua Goldstein, The Nature Conservancy

Moderated by:

Gene Kelly, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences & SoGES Associate Director for Research and Development.


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