School of Global Environmental Sustainability Distinguished Author Reception: Camille T. Dungy

April 16, 2014 4:00am to 6:00am

Smith Blue offers a survival guide for the modern heart as she takes on twenty first-century questions of love, loss, and nature. From a myriad of lenses, these poems examine the human capacity for perseverance in the wake of heartbreak; the loss of beloved heroes and landscapes; and our determination in the face of everyday struggles. The poems explore the dual nature of our presence on the planet, juxtaposing the devastation caused by human habitation with our own vulnerability to the capricious whims of our environment. In doing so, they reveal with fury and tenderness the countless ways in which we both create and are victims of catastrophe.This searing collection delves into the most intimate transformations wrought by our ever-shifting personal, cultural, and physical terrains, each fraught with both disillusionment and hope. In the end, the book demonstrates how we are all intertwined, regardless of race or species, living and loving as best we are able in the shadows of both man-made and natural follies.  – Books available for purchase and refreshments served.

Dr. Camille T. Dungy

Camille Dungy is a Professor of English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Poetry at Colorado State University.


108 Johnson Hall