Visions of Future Earth International Colloquium- People Matter: Transformations to Social-Ecological Sustainability

October 07, 2014 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Dramatic global change is forcing people to respond to new and multiple challenges global warming, land tenure and land use changes, political transitions and turmoil, dynamic market conditions and demographic shifts. A central question facing society is how to maintain system resilience to build the capacity to adapt to multiple interacting forces that operate across temporal and spatial scales. This question has never been more urgent, given the multiple interacting forces that we face today and in the future. Yet, some of these same changes are creating a unique moment in which to leverage transitions to a more sustainable and equitable future for people and their landscapes. We have assembled a group of international researchers whose work spans decades of building adaptive capacity and resilience of social-ecological systems to leverage positive system transformations. They will talk about their frameworks, research and solutions.

Organized and moderated by Kathleen Galvin, Anthropology (CLA) the Africa Center and SoGES
• Shannon McNeeley, NCCSC (CSU): Adaptation and climate change
• Patti Kristjanson, ICRAF, Washington, D.C.: Gender and coping with climate change
• Chris Fisher, Anthropology (CLA): Lessons from the past for modern sustainability
• Randall Boone, DESS (WCNR): Linking social and ecological systems in modeling for solutions
• Robin Reid, DESS (WCNR): Linking different ways of knowing to promote action on sustainability

Presented by Visions of Future Earth International Colloquium


Grey Rock Room, Lory Student Center