Global Biodiversity Summit Call for Posters

Global Biodiversity Summit: Why do we need biodiversity in the 21st Century?

Poster abstract Guidelines:

1. Abstracts are due September 30 at 5pm
2. Posters should be 3' x 4' in total size and no bigger!
3. All posters should include a box at the top left hand side that verbatim has the following text:
     a. "How this issue directly impacts you:" (you meaning someone reading the poster)
     b. "How you can make a difference:"
Presenters should clearly include text to answer these two questions. These are the main takeaway messages for the average person. They also echo the themes of our two panel discussions.
4. Poster awards:
     a. First place: $200
     b. Second place: $100
     c.Third place: $50
5. Presenters will set up their own posters in the Cherokee Ballroom at the Lory Student Center. Posters may be set up on Thursday, October 12 from 11:00 to 1:00 pm. The posters must be taken down by 5:00 pm that same day.
6. For questions, please contact Dr. Jacob Job at
Limit your abstract to 250 words. If you exceed the word limit your abstract will be cut off in the program.