Executive Committee Members

The Global Biodiversity Center's Executive Committee members are faculty and researchers who are affiliated with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Craig Starger

Craig Starger is a conservation biologist who works to advance science for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Craig has conducted extensive research on coral reef conservation biology, and has spent recent years implementing environmental policy and international development with the US government. His biology research focused on questions related to corals’ adaptive response to climate change, coral recovery, and coral population connectivity, mostly in Asia.

Diana H. Wall

A soil ecologist and environmental scientist, Diana Wall is actively engaged in research exploring how life in soil (microbial and invertebrate diversity) contributes to healthy, fertile and productive soils and thus to society, and the consequences of human activities on soil globally. Her research on soil biota, particularly soil nematodes, extends from agroecosystems to arid ecosystems. Diana has spent more than 25 seasons in the Antarctic Dry Valleys examining how global changes impact soil biodiversity, ecosystem processes and ecosystem services.

George Wittemyer

I work to develop solutions to biodiversity conservation issues, aimed at ameliorating human impacts to at risk wildlife populations. My group focuses on determining how landscape, human, and climate impact demography, distribution, behavior and movement of at risk wildlife populations. We work to actively translate our research into policy actions. I serve as the Chair of the Scientific Board of Save the Elephants, a technical advisor on elephants to the Kenya Wildlife Service and on IUCN's African Elephants Specialist Group.


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