Colleen Duncan

Last name: 
GBC Committee Role: 
Executive Committee

I’m a veterinarian with advanced training in both epidemiology and anatomic pathology. I’m employed as a diagnostic pathologist at the CSU veterinary diagnostic laboratory and I enjoy working on all species as well as teaching veterinary students.

Research Interests (Specific): 
My research program is has largely developed as an extension of my role as a diagnostician. I’ve been fortunate to work with great collaborators investigating health issues in a variety of species, predominantly marine mammals and other wildlife. I’m particularly interested in understanding the cumulative effects of multiple stressors on the health of wild animal populations.
Research Projects: 
Project Title: 
Reproductive health in northern fur seals
Project Location: 
United States
Project Location Coordinates: 
57.15222 / -170.21722
Project Location Details: 
St. Paul Island, Alaska, USA
Study Species: 
Northern fur seal
Project Description: 
The northern fur seal has undergone significant population declines and no cause has been identified. Working closely with the Alaska Ecosystems Program at NOAA, we are investigating infectious and toxicological factors that could impact reproductive health in this species.
Project Title: 
Polar bear health