George Wittemyer

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Executive Committee

George Wittemyer is an associate professor at Colorado State University’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in conservation ecology. George’s research interests include investigation of the impacts of human pressures on natural systems. Human activities are causing major ecological changes from the alteration of species life history strategies to, in the worst case, population collapse. The long term impacts of these changes on species survival and ecosystem functioning are largely unknown. His research strives to provide greater understanding of the factors influencing ecosystems and the manner in which species respond to these influences, with the ultimate aim of providing empirical based information and strategies to address the many conservation challenges we face today. George works to actively translate these research outputs into policy and conservation actions.

Associate Professor
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large mammal conservation, elephants
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Long Term Monitoring of Samburu Elephant Population
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37.5 E 0.5 N
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Samburu, Kenya
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Policy/Management Implications: 
I actively work with policy makers on elephant conservation issues through the IUCN and CITES.