Kate Huyvaert

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Research questions that we investigate in the Huyvaert lab group are typically about population- or individual-level problems in ecology. Our primary research focus is in wildlife disease ecology and we apply both field and laboratory techniques to questions about pathogens and parasites that affect host populations of wild animals. Our group also focus on the conservation of threatened and endangered species, especially tropical seabirds.

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Disease ecology, behavioral ecology and conservation of threatened and endangered species
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Waved Albatross Conservation
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-1.37425, -89.67165
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Waved Albatross
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Until recently, the waved albatross were considered safe from extrinsic threats like fisheries mortality and other factors that threaten most other albatross species. However, the species was uplisted to “critically endangered” (IUCN 2012) motivated by observations of fisheries-related mortality, and declines in annual adult survival and breeding population size. This work was based on records of banded birds from a relatively large colony at Punta Cevallos on Española Island, Galápagos, Ecuador, the island where all but a few pairs of WVAL breed. While a known threat is posed via bycatch in artisanal fisheries at foraging areas off of Peru and Ecuador during the breeding season, other extrinsic factors, including disease or bycatch in other fisheries and other time periods, may be contributing to this long-lived species’ decline. We are working to contribute to filling gaps in our knowledge about a) disease threats, and b) population status of this critically endangered seabird.
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