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George Wittemyer

I work to develop solutions to biodiversity conservation issues, aimed at ameliorating human impacts to at risk wildlife populations. My group focuses on determining how landscape, human, and climate impact demography, distribution, behavior and movement of at risk wildlife populations. We work to actively translate our research into policy actions. I serve as the Chair of the Scientific Board of Save the Elephants, a technical advisor on elephants to the Kenya Wildlife Service and on IUCN's African Elephants Specialist Group.

Ellen Wohl

I did my BS and PhD degrees in geosciences at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, respectively. I have been on the faculty at CSU since 1989. In addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals, I enjoy writing for non-scientific audiences. Books thus far include Virtual Rivers (2001), Disconnected Rivers (2004), Island of Grass (2009), Of Rock and Rivers (2009), A World of Rivers (2011), Wide Rivers Crossed (2013), and Transient Landscapes (in press).


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