Global Biodiversity Center

Research at the Global Biodiversity Center

A fundamental goal of the GBC is to advance research on biodiversity at CSU. Biodiversity research at CSU ranges from genes to organisms to ecosystems and their interactions. Our goal is to serve as a hub for connecting biodiversity researchers at CSU with each other and with conservation practitioners seeking out expertise to address real-world biodiversity conservation problems.

Visit our CSU Researchers page and Global Projects Map to learn more about the research being conducted at the GBC.

Policy Engagement at the Global Biodiversity Center

Another means of advancing biodiversity conservation is through policy. We do this by providing training to scientists on communicating their results to policy makers, and by linking policy makers and mangers with biodiversity scientists with expertise relevant to their specific information needs.

Check back to learn more about policy events we may be holding in the future.

Outreach and Education at the Global Biodiversity Center

We believe that ultimately, to enhance biodiversity, it is essential to teach the general public about the value of biodiversity for human well-being, how our actions affect biodiversity, and what they can do in their daily lives to enhance biodiversity. We host a variety of public events to promote interactions between the public and biodiversity scientists at CSU.

Check back to learn more about outreach events we may be holding in the future and visit our Resources page to learn more about biodiversity conservation.

Support the GBC

To financially support us, email us at globalbiodiversitycenter at gmail dot com. We can accept checks payable to Colorado State University and with 'unrestricted gift' written in the memo line.